The perfect pillow

Helpful tip Tuesday! This might become a thing. So I have been on the hunt for the best pillow. I have the bad habit of side and stomach sleeping. I have tried everything from down feather, cotton, memory foam, and shredded memory foam.

Let me tell you, 3 weeks on my new Juvea cooling pillow and I’m a new person. I went with the low density/soft pillow with a cooling cover and it fits my sleeping style perfectly. Juvea has several options to choose from and are made locally right here in Connecticut.

Did you know that memory foam products are petroleum-based which harmful to your body? I didn’t but I do now. Not only is it harmful but memory foam also doesn’t hold its shape and buoyancy for long. With Juvea all pillows are made chemical free with natural, raw materials. So don’t just take my word for it. Give it a try and make your sleep better! They are available on Amazon now! Or