Mid-century/modern/farmhouse lighting

Happy Thursday! I have so many thoughts and ideas running through my head! I’m working on choosing paint colors, wood floor finish, doors, hardware, and some bold statement lighting for the new house when we move in a couple weeks! I started searching Instagram for home inspiration in the mid-century/modern farmhouse style I love! You know the classic White House, with black windows and metal roofing! Talk about dreamy!! Well, we are purchasing a classic colonial in CT that I can not wait to work my magic on and transform over the next couple years.

So I came across a few accounts I adore and I’m so inspired by the way these women create such beautiful homes. Wives are so savvy! We dream up beautiful practical ideas, we find the best sales and designer dupes when needed, all while creating and raising kind children who fill these homes with life and laughter. We can do all this and more while looking good!

I say all this because I came across account after account created by so many talented women. I have a lot of appreciation for the time and work that goes into creating a home. I was allowed a lot of freedom and space to dream and create growing up. Especially when it came to my own bedroom. When most girls were spending money on clothes or going out with friends, I was re-imagining and redoing my bedroom. There must be ten coats of paint on that bedroom now, and I went through maybe 8 bed-in-a-bags! Haha! I’m determined to gift my own children with that type of creative freedom.

I recently listened to a podcast called #becomingfearless by an extremely talented entrepreneur, Annie Spano who is the founder of style collective. She talks about values, and when to take risks. Her story of getting to where she is today is pretty neat! Becoming fearless came from her deciding to be the leader of her life and take a risk and just go for it when starting her own business. A creative idea she was passionate about! This filled me up and reminded me that creating this blog and starting to share bits of my life was scary and a risk but has to potential to be something so great!

Just like committing to and purchasing a unique light fixture that may not be everyone’s cup of tea or a bold color on a wall. It’s a risk, and you won’t know until you try! I’ve learned that every time I go with my gut it’s even better than I could’ve imagined!

If you’re looking into changing out some light fixtures or are in the process of renovations. I have found great prices on a few specific light fixtures I have my eye on ! Go ahead and click through! These matte black and brass trends have stolen my heart!


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