Goodbye first home and first renovation-Hello change

 Its a bittersweet week for me, but more sweet than bitter. We will have officially sold our very first home. The place where my husband and I spent many long days and nights tearing apart and remodeling to create our sanctuary from the day-to-day. This is where we learned about our strengths and weaknesses, how to communicate and blend two different personalities. If you are engaged and looking for premarital counseling, I highly recommend working on a home renovation project to learn more about each other. Haha!! I cant think of a better project to reveal true feelings than working on a budget together 🙂
  In the end, though I am so thankful for my husband’s brilliant project management skills.  From teaching me about living below your means, to sweat equity, and my new favorite – planning and schedules. I couldn’t dream of a better partner to take on projects or Life with. 
 A lot of life has flown by in the last five years since buying that house.  I will only ever have good memories. Its where we moved in as newlyweds, where I found out I was pregnant 3 months later, where both of my babies were born, and where they learned to walk and talk. Upstate New York and Pennsylvania will always be home to us. Its where all of our closest friends and families live. Although Connecticut is not that far away I will miss spontaneous movie nights, family babysitters, and quality family time.
Ok! Now that I’m done with the sentimental part of this post-I’m going to share some sweet excitement!  We bought a new house! Yay! I am so excited to get my hands on it and make it ours. You will learn that I am a wannabe interior designer, and should technically have a design degree with all of the hours I have logged watching HGTV and doing research. Its a cross between a hobby and obsession. 🙂
So there you have it! If you love a good home renovation like me lets chat and share stories. If you are considering starting a renovation I would love to hear about it. Feel free to comment on this post, contact me through email, or social media. Continue to keep checking back here for updated posts on our new Connecticut adventure, home renos, and style inspiration. I will try and share as much as I can, and of course, any deals I come across, designer dupes, and items I buy I will add to easy to click and shop links.
Here is a mix of some before and afters :