Gift guide for men

Do you struggle with finding the perfect gifts for the men in your life? I do! You want it to be something they need or want but also something they wouldn’t buy themselves. If they haven’t already. I’ve learned in my house that unless he mentions it once or twice it’s probably not something he wants.

This is where experience gifting comes in. Tickets to that concert he’d like to see. Planned day trips or splurges for a surprise mini vacation. Is there a specific subject he’s really into? There is a museum for just about everything. Grab a gift certificate for that class he’s been wanting to take.

Another tip for men’s gift giving is to take what he already loves to do to the next level! Is he a runner? Get those new sneakers he’s been eyeing or that tech watch that tracks everything and anything. Do you have a hunter in your house ? I’m sure there is a gadget he’d love or something that makes sitting in that tree stand a little more comfortable .

This brings me to the last tip. Think how can you make their day a little easier and little more special.

  • Try a custom wallet,
  • Tech gloves,
  • New gym clothes
  • A warm flannel shirt
  • A special watch,
  • Quality sunglasses
  • A good warm coat.

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