Gift guide for kids

I love shopping for my kids! I actually just enjoy shopping in general, but buying for kids is just plain fun. They have such a large imagination and the smallest thing is exciting. So here I’m going to share some gift ideas I love for this holiday season, but some tips that will actually apply to any time you’d like to give a gift.

  • A general guideline I follow for gift giving with my own kids is to buy things with purpose. I truly believe that experience gifts are the best to give and receive. It’s basically like your giving them memories to keep forever.
  • Typically under the tree, we do one thing they would ask for like a specific toy they would really enjoy.
  • If you have more than one child I love the idea of something they can do together or a larger gift they share. Something that takes them outside or forces them to work together.
  • The third gift would be a learning one. This could be a project they would make or build, a couple of books on a topic they are currently interested in, or even something with technology like this children tablet.

So there it is! Easy to shop and click my ultimate kids’ gift buying guideline. Enjoy[show_boutique_widget id=”667386″]